We Survive the Motion to Dismiss (just barely)

Well, it took a little over 8 months, but we finally heard back on the defendants’ Motion to Dismiss.  Of the 13 Causes of Action in our original lawsuit, the Judge dismissed 12 of them.  While not the best results in the world, I’m extremely happy that we survived.

Next, we have until next Friday to amend our complaint to address deficiencies with our remaining cause of action.  Obviously, I’m not very good at this yet, and still need to figure out what I did wrong that allowed the other causes to be dismissed.  Almost all of the causes were dismissed due to my “failing to state a claim upon which relief could be granted.”

Like everything else in this case, I’ll post what I learn about this here.  In the interim, here’s the court’s ruling (which is also available in the Case History summary link).

Until next time …

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