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Welcome to the ProSeAction.org blog.

On these pages, I’ll be documenting my experiences as a pro se litigant, as I pursue my legal action against Bank of America.  I have no idea where this is going, or where it will end up, but I will document it all here so others can learn from my experience.

Since I’m starting this blog a few months after my journey began, and since there will be times when I must be discreet in my public comments, some of my postings will be done after the fact, but dated properly to keep the timeline intact.  Please forgive me in advance if I need to edit older pages, or add details as I remember them.

To read these events in order, click here to start at the beginning, or click on the [Home] button to read the latest.  You can also learn about the reasons this lawsuit was filed on the [Case Background] page, and see copies of all of the major filings on the [Case Filings] page.

Finally, this blog is an adjunct to our Yahoo Discussion List.  There you can join in the discussion, ask questions and collaborate with others involved in pro se actions.  Please send a blank email to ProSeAction-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join the discussions.

Thank you for visiting.

Jay Fenello,
Site Founder and Pro Se Litigant


2 Responses to About this Website

  1. Isabel1170 says:

    The unnecessary abuse that Bank of America put me and my family through caused long-term damage. Due to Bank of America’s unnecessary threats of foreclosure (we were only behind one month because they asked us to in order to qualify for a loan mod), harassment and fraud, I became extremely stressed and almost suffered a stroke on the phone with them. The stress became so overwhelming that I acquired Fibromyalgia and became suicidal. I was constantly worried that we would lose our home and we would be out in the streets with two autistic children. I have had to deal with their racketeering practices. They have been trying to “steal” my home and trying to destroy my life for over two years. Every day that I wake up in pain, the only thing that comes to my mind are the words “Bank of America”. I become agitated just talking about them. I might be impaired but I am still fighting back. My husband and I filed a lawsuit against this evil bank in December 2010 WITHOUT an attorney. We are also Pro Se Litigants. Please read our press release: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-florida-couple-file-lawsuit-against-bank-of-america-for-mortgage-servicing-fraud-loan-modification-and-rico-without-an-attorney-1299633088.html

    If you would like more information about Bank of America’s racketeering practices please read here: “Bank of America is a Racketeering Enterprise?” http://www.piggybankblog.com/2010/11/16/bofa-racketeering/

    Jay, I sure hope you really hammer them good!!

  2. alasha says:

    Hi – you guys give ’em H3ll! My situation is somewhat different because I am a tenant of seven years in a house BOFA has foreclosed on and want to buy the house I presently live in from BOFA – my argument is they need to sell it to me dirt cheap because it was illegally foreclosed on in the first place! The REO agent is selling the house is not even giving me a chance – I need to figure out what standing I have to stop the sale and my eviction. – Title? maybe… I have also put a letter to my AG office to help because the bank has given so many different names to pay the rent to. When God Bless – I was hoping I could somehow join a classaction – mmmmm. GodSpeed to All!!!

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