Judge’s First Ruling

After waiting in limbo for over three months, the judge has finally issued his first ruling in the Fenello vs Bank of America lawsuit.

The good news is, we’re still waiting for a decision on the only issue that matters:  the Motion to Dismiss and the big question — “Can Bank of America foreclose on a homeowner, without showing any evidence that that their client actually owns the promissory note?”

The bad news is, the judge ruled in favor or BofA in all three of these motions (the Motion for Leave, Motion for Recusal, Motion to Strike).   Ironically, we lost on the judicial recusal because we did not have any evidence of judicial bias.  With this ruling, we are now building this evidence for our appeal, should one be necessary.

Below you can see the ruling in its entirety, which is also available on our newly created Case History page, where you can see all of the major filings organized by topic.  As always, comments welcome …

Judge’s First Ruling in the Fenello vs Bank of America Lawsuit

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