Next Steps

So how can an individual with no legal training fight against a team of experienced lawyers?  By joining together with other like-minded individuals, and using the power of the Internet to learn, grow, and collaborate.

Jay tried this approach with his lawsuit against Bank of America.  He set up this website and blog, and started a discussion list where he could compare notes with others who were going through similar events.

As he went along, he shared his court filings and insights.  And despite failing to win a single motion, he came out ahead, and still has standing to pursue another lawsuit if he chooses. Finally, he has summarized his suggestions for the next person who wants to file a pro se action in the foreclosure fraud space.

Pro Se Action Model

This model of 1) seeing what others have done, 2) tweaking it for your own case, and 3) documenting your experience for the next person, is the basic approach of this website.  All subject to an overriding strategy designed to pierce bad case law in corrupted jurisdictions.

If you have an interest in filing a pro se lawsuit in any of the following categories:

or if you have another category consistent with speaking truth to power, please contact:

Jay Fenello

Remember, Jay is not an attorney, and nothing
he says should be interpreted as legal advice.