Wall Street Doesn’t Just Run the Show, They Write the Law

In response to this posting:

Wall Street Doesn’t Just Run the Show, They Write the Law

I wrote this:

Many of the laws written by corporations are so one-sided and egregious, that they violate civil liberties as guaranteed in our Constitution.

But lawsuits are expensive, and big corporations have a huge advantage in the courts. We need to start fighting these unconstitutional laws in a new way.

Instead of relying on donations to fund small teams of attorneys, we as individuals need to directly petition our government for redress. We need to bring our complaints to the courts as pro se litigants.

While we’ll lose at the beginning, we’ll have the advantage of a very low cost per lawsuit. That means we can bring them sequentially, one after the other, in coordinated ways. All while learning as we go. (court cases are public record, so every legal theory that’s put forward will be responded to by the court, giving insights into how we can win the next case).

Of course, all of this assumes that we still have justice in our justice system. Either way, we need to know. Comments welcome …

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