Say It Isn’t So

I’ve now had a chance to look through other court cases involving Bank of America filed in the same court district as my case.  As I had done before, whenever I see a case that looks similar to mine, where the Plaintiffs’ have either had some success or done an especially good job of filing their documents, I’ll call the contact involved.

Today I learned that the judges assigned to my case may be biased against homeowners.

Now, ever since I first went public with my lawsuit and announced, I had heard allegations like this before.  However, given that every court case has a winner and a loser, I had to expect that some of these complaints were normal for a losing party.

To get to the bottom of this, I asked many attorneys who work in the courts.  The most common response was that going to court is a crap shoot, and no matter how strong or weak a case you may think you have, you may be surprised by what happens in court.  That said, most attorneys didn’t believe that judges were biased as a rule.

What I learned today, however, is that both of my judges had spoken at events attended by the big banks, discussing how they could defend against foreclosure litigation.  A quick check online confirmed that my judges had indeed been speakers at these events.

Now I need to decide what to do about it, if anything.

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