We Are Not Alone

Within hours of our press release going out, we had received many comments from other homeowners who had stories very similar to ours.  We were also contacted by members of the media (who have yet to cover this story), as well as by other activists involved in the foreclosure mess.

One of the contacts was by a group called Operation Restoration.  Not only were they based in Atlanta, but they had built up a good library of approaches to fighting foreclosures, along with a team of experts who could answer technical questions.  They suggested two new strategies that I was not aware of:

  1. “Accept” the Warranty Deed on file with Cherokee County Records
  2. “Revoke” the Power of Attorney granted in our Security Deed

While I’m not sure of the value of the first approach, the second approach would effectively cancel the Security Deed on our property, thereby prevent any non-judicial foreclosures.  These documents have been uploaded to the member’s area, and are available for download to members here.

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