Next Steps

After losing our case against Bank of America, we had to make some tough decisions about what to do next.  Here are the four options considered:

  1. appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court
  2. appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court
  3. file a new complaint in State Court
  4. do nothing

The answer to this question, it turns out, is highly dependent on the goals you’re hoping to achieve.  For me, the purpose in filing this lawsuit has always been complex.

Of course, I wanted to protect my home and my family.  But it was more than that.  I also wanted to learn more about our legal system.  I wanted to learn how it works, and how it can be used as an agent for positive change.  I wanted to test it as a possible approach to fixing what’s going wrong in the world today.

For all these reasons and more, Option 3 is the right way to go …

Refiling in state court will allow us to file a very targeted complaint that raises questions that need to be answered under Georgia law.  These are questions that could easily reach appeal, or even a Supreme Court.  In other words, by pursuing Option 3, we’ll retain all of the other options, and remain true to the goals that got this whole thing started.

As always, comments welcome …

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