Appeal Filed !!!

Yesterday, I filed our Appeal in the Eleventh Circuit Federal Court.  Here’s a summary:

Can pro se litigants find justice in the Eleventh Circuit of the Federal Courts? Can banks lie to their clients with impunity? Can they send letters that say one thing, then argue the opposite in court and get away with it? Can banks unjustly enrich themselves, by recovering more than their potential losses through insurance policies, legal settlements, and Federal incentives, tax breaks, shared-loss agreements, etc.?

Can the banks take a person’s home, even when their right to do so is challenged, without providing any evidence that they have standing?

That’s what this appeal is about. Plaintiffs pray that this Court will correct these wrongs, and find for the Plaintiffs in this case.

You can download the entire file here:  Fenello Appeal

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  1. Sandy Lundy says:

    Jay, Pro se litigants and legal consumers in general CAN find justice if they have the right tools. The Legal Consumer,, a free public service legal blog, has a list of useful links for legal resources and tips for people representing themselves in court (geared mainly to state-court litigants) or who just want to feel more empowered in the confusing and often frustrating legal system

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