What’s a Surreply, Anyway?

Yesterday, I received a new motion from Bank of America whereby they have asked the court to strike our latest response.  According to their “Motion to Strike,” our most recent filing was “procedurally improper” and “without merit.”

This is despite the fact that Bank of America was responsible for extending the comment period with their prior Motion to Stay, and despite the fact that they also issued a surreply to our previous response.

When I ask myself, “why would BofA file this motion?,” I’m left with three possibilities:

  1. They are simply running up the legal bill on their clients.
  2. They are trying to delay this case as long as possible.
  3. They fear something in my most recent filing

If it’s the latter, maybe they didn’t like my references to the Nevada Attorney General’s lawsuit against them.  Or maybe they didn’t like my references to the Judge Totenburg’s ruling that affirmed the legal claims in my case.

Either way, I now need to decide what to do next.  I’ll let you know, as soon as I figure it out …

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