The Verdict is In !!! (and it’s not good)

Well, after a very long wait, the judge has ruled that we do not have the right to amend our complaint, and has even reversed his prior indications and ruled that we do not have a claim in our FDCPA cause of action. It almost looks like he didn’t even read our filings.

You can read the latest rulings here:

Another interesting tidbit.  While this case has dragged on, Bank of America has transferred the servicing of the note to Select Portfolio Services.  This means two things:  1) That the new servicer will have to start the foreclosure process over, and 2) they will not be exempted from the FDCPA like Bank of America was.

Next, we have 28 days to file a Motion to Reconsider.  Then if necessary, we have 30 days from that ruling to file an Appeal.

As always, comments welcome, and more soon  …

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