Medical Anti-Trust

Have you ever:

  • Been told a medical service is one price, then billed another?
  • Been told a medical service is covered, but then denied coverage?
  • Found the price of your prescription has doubled, then doubled again?
  • Found the price of a medical product or service is 10x’s more in the US?

According to Karl Denninger, this is just a small portion of the many ways our current medical system violates anti-trust laws that are already on the books.  You can read his insightful summaries at

Now, if our regulatory system was working properly, these illegal activities would have been shut down by now.  Instead, we keep trying to fix Obamacare instead, and the situation keeps getting worse …

Pro Se Action

There are many people out there who have been harmed by these illegal activities, and as a result, have standing to bring a legal action to hold the medical providers to account.  If you are one of them, and are interested in exploring options, please contact:

Jay Fenello

Remember, Jay is not an attorney, and nothing
he says should be interpreted as legal advice.