Foreclosure Fraud

In the events leading up to the Great Recession, the big banks were caught in a huge number of lawless activities:

  • Money Laundering for Drug Dealers and Terrorists
  • Manipulating the price of Gold, Interest Rates, and other Commodities
  • Fraud in the underwriting, packaging, rating and marketing of mortgages.
  • Fraud in the servicing of mortgages, and in the resolution of mortgage defaults.

As egregious as their activities were, and as consequential as practically bringing down the entire world-wide financial system, no bank executives were targeted for criminal charges.

Instead, the banks paid billion dollar penalties, without admitting any guilt.  As a small consolation, as part of the negotiated settlement, the Feds allowed those who were damaged by the banks actions to be able to pursue private legal action.

It was in this environment that Jay filed his Lawsuit against Bank of America

If you are interested in pursuing an action against your bank for foreclosure fraud, please contact:

Jay Fenello

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