Continuing the Conversation on Disqus

Last post, I shared a comment I’d written using a new service called Disqus.  Since that time, I’ve had an experience that is forcing me to reevaluate my support of this service.

As a followup to an exchange I was having on WashingtonsBlog, two of my messages have simply disappeared.  They may have been moderated, which would be fine, but it would be nice to have a record of what I’d written, and why it had been moderated.

It also makes me wonder if my older postings can be deleted or moderated at any time, forever?

While I check these things out, I’m going to continue the conversation by sharing a copy of my second posting here:

Hi Beverly,

I feel your pain, and truly believe that your experience can help fix the problem you are describing.  Do you have a case number people can look up, or better still, an online archive?

Did you ever file an appeal?

I’ve recently added a background page to my site:
and have most of the major filings online here:

(cc: Beverly)

Comments welcome via Disqus below (for now):

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2 Responses to Continuing the Conversation on Disqus

  1. Jay Fenello says:

    Looks like Disqus is ok. They leave most of these decisions up to the site moderator. In other words, my posting are safe forever as long as I am the site moderator. Still would be nice if rejected postings remained available to the writer.

  2. Jay Fenello says:

    I was able to contact Beverly through her Facebook account, and she replied via their email system. Here was my reply:

    Hi Beverly, I’m really interested in the court cases. Where were they filed, and what are their case numbers? Also, I’d rather have this discussion publicly, so that the NSA isn’t the only one who can see our exchange 🙂 If you agree, please post your replies at the bottom of this page:

    Hopefully, we’ll hear more soon …

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